Business In Rome: Travel Easy

Here in this Business Break Travel post, we look at Rome as a business travel destination. One in which you can kick back and get a break from the hustle and bustle of daily business, but also, if you so chose, a place to enhance your business contacts and get some serious work done.

There’s a reason they call it the eternal city. As one of the world’s oldest capital cities, Rome is full of business potential. Not only that, it can give you a few days to kick back and soak up the sun and atmosphere. We all deserve a break from time to time. Even business owners.

Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay

It can be pretty tough for business owners to take a break. For a lot, a holiday means lost income or lost opportunities. Rome allows you to get the break you need while keeping tabs on everything important, while also getting the time in to delve into more opportunities.

Why Rome?

Rome is a great place for you to set those key face to face meetings. Sure, it’s easy to do things over Teams or Skype, but when certain meetings are super important, it’s best to do things face to face. Rome is a great meeting point if you’re based in the UK and you want to meet a customer from Asia or Africa. Even if you’re over in the states Rome can be a great meet in the middle place to get business done.

Get over there and keep a day or so either side of your meeting and get some downtime. If you’re one for culture, then Rome has it all. They don’t call it an open air museum for nothing. From the multitude of fountains and piazzas, museums and art galleries, there really is something for everyone.

Work and Play?

Imagine just sitting in a cafe opposite the Trevi Fountain and cracking on with some work. A relaxing break while never having to dial out of your company. The imagery and iconography can be inspiring. Sometimes new scenery breeds new ideas and fuels the buildings on your business horizon, leading you to ask the question “what’s next for me and my business?” And how you can best leverage any potential success.

Image by kittyvanrooij216 from Pixabay 

This inspirational burst can come from a lot of places, not just Rome. Yet other places don’t have the same lustre. Paris comes close, London matches it less the sun. Nothing is the same as Rome. 

As a capital city, there are dozens of head offices, function rooms and meeting facilities available. There are huge business opportunities to be had in Rome. If you’re into food import and export, you’ll know Italian food, especially that made in Italy, is worth its weight in gold in foreign markets. The fashion industry has some of its head offices there too, such as the iconic and historical Fendi headquarters on the outskirts. If fashion is your game, Rome has to be your destination.

The Business Of Looking Good

Rome’s one of the best looking cities out there. Especially if you go through Spring or Summer. If your business is heavily based on public perception, you can’t go far wrong with your social media feeds filling up with pictures from Rome. 


Of course Rome is a simple doorway to wider Italy. There are two main airports servicing Rome, Fiumicino (used to be Leonardo Da Vinci) and Ciampino.

From there, you can hit popular tourist and another key business city, Milan. You can easily reach, whether by train or bus, Florence, Naples, Venice, etc. 

Real Business In Rome

There’s a lot of money running through Rome. Primarily due to the booming tourism industry, but also by virtue of being a capital city of a strong economy. By GDP Italy comes eighth, not bad at all. There is serious business to be done in Rome and serious money to be made for those willing. 

Rome is quite a conservative country, being home to the catholic headquarters in Vatican City can do that. It means trying to launch business relationships can be a lot harder and is far easier to do in person. Building that all-important report is vital. 

Flying over to tap into Rome’s booming telecommunications industry can be quite lucrative, as can the pharmaceutical industry which over recent years has become quite prevalent.

There’s heavy industry and ample investment opportunity too in the Tiburna valley, a mere drive outside of Rome to the East.

An easy place to travel too and a wonderful place to work from. Rome should be well up there on your business travel list.

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