Is Gaming Good Downtime For A Business Owner?

In most cases, a business owner is super busy. Nobody drives your business like you do. Nobody cares as much as you do. It’s why a lot of business owners can turn into workaholics. People who get minimum downtime. This might look good to your clients, and it might even result in a boost in sales for your business, but in the long term it’s not good for your or your business. It can make you ill, with your physical health and mental health taking a knock. Your energy level might also dip a little, meaning that although you’re pumping tonnes of hours into your business, your productivity is low. Get your downtime! In this article, we look at whether gaming is a good downtime option for those busybodies in the world of business.

Taking You To Different Worlds…One At A Time

One of the best reasons gaming is an effective pastime is because it takes all of your concentration. Watching a TV show is passive. Your mind can wander. When you’re gaming, you’re in the moment. You can’t concentrate on anything else. The vast quantity of games available means you can zoom from a military shooter right the way to a colourful platformer pretty quickly. Your imagination will always be occupied. If you’re someone who struggles to disconnect then this is certainly something that can occupy that busy brain. 

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There’s A Social Aspect

So busy you find it tough to find time for others? Gaming can help here because you can combine taking a break with chatting to friends. You simply need to game with people you know. You can use a headset to catch up and chat about life while you’re focusing on gaming. It doubles up your concentration and can really take you out of the business setting. Make sure you have the same console, meaning you both have Playstation or Xbox and you’ll be fine. The issue is finding time to game at the same time that your friends do. But this downtime is important! Schedule it in and try your best to stick to it.

So What Are The Benefits Of Gaming?

There are some great cognitive benefits to gaming which can improve your performance as a business owner. It can improve your coordination, help you with your problem solving skills, and enhance your memory. All skills which are directly transferable to business. It can improve your concentration and help ensure you keep attention to what’s important. As above, it can improve your social skills and quite importantly enhance multitasking skills. Each one of these are directly transferable to the world of business.

Addictive Personality?

They can be addictive. That’s the downside. However, there’s nothing wrong with this so long as you play at certain times, and as long as it isn’t damaging your relationship with your family, or business. If you feel yourself slipping, take a little break from it. Chances are as a business owner this won’t be a problem for you as you won’t actually have that much free time to fill.

Relationship builder?

We’ve touched on it being great for social catch ups, but it can also be brilliant for family bonding. Playing games together can be great. You can always find something that you all enjoy. It can be a time killer over winter, and give you all something to look forward to. You just don’t want to get to the point where you rely on gaming to bond.

Old School Alternative

If you don’t fancy gaming in the modern sense, there’s no harm trying an old school approach. Chess is coming back into the mainstream and is a great game to improve your concentration and take a breather. You can play on your phone too meaning it’s quite accessible. Board games with friends is another great way to socialise and take some well earned downtime, just find something you think that you’d enjoy in the first instance. Again, board games are a great family bonding method.

Gaming is a brilliant option to take as downtime for the business owner. Whether playing a puzzle on your phone, to choosing one night a week to get in front of the TV and link up with some friends. There are key cognitive relationships with the skills needed for businesses and it’s something that will properly take up your concentration. Certainly worth a go if you’re finding it hard to take that well earnt break from your business.

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