How To Stay Productive: Pro Tips

In this business brilliance post we look at productivity. Why are some more productive than others? If you’re looking at this post, you’re someone who clearly wants to improve. Maybe you want to get through more work in the day. Or maybe you’re stuck at home working and can’t get into a good flow. Maybe you want more from your employees.

The truth is…everyone is different. These wholesales guides on productivity can be right…but never for everyone. The human mind is an endlessly complex thing. What makes one person productive, makes another bored and slow.

With that being said, here are some of the active tips you can try to beat whatever is keeping you from being productive.

Work When You Work Best

At last, a lot of companies are now allowing their employees to work flexibly. This means you can work when you work best. If you’re a business owner, it might be time to allow the same kind of flexibility. Some people work best in the morning, others during the afternoon once their brain has had the time to wake up. It might be that you have things to do in the morning like a school run or caring responsibilities. You know you the best, so try to work when you know you’ll put out your best work.

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Find The Best Place To Work

Just like finding the right time, you need to find the right place. Sure, you might be thinking you want to work on a beach in the Bahamas, or maybe in a cultural capital like Rome. Just find somewhere quiet and a place you feel at ease. It might be a special chair you work from, or a room which is pretty quiet. Maybe it’s a room with a specific view. Spend some time finding where you work best and always try to work from it. 

Stay Healthy

You can’t be productive if you’re not feeling well. Beyond that, you won’t be too productive if your energy levels are taking a slump. This can be for any number of reasons but one of the main causes of low energy is a bad diet. Stay productive and on top of your game by eating well. It might just mean swapping out those bad snacks for good ones of fruit instead. A simple step to take to ensure you stay productive.

Take your Breaks

There are people out there who think working through breaks is a way to stay productive. Nope. This might work for a day or two in certain circumstances, but long term it won’t work. Just look at those productivity tests being conducted around working four days instead of five. Longer working hours don’t always equate to more work. Make sure you take your breaks. They might be breaks for you to go for a walk or just to sit back and read some news on your phone. Try to get away from your desk or away from the working environment. That’s why good break rooms are important.

Use The Right Tools

If your internet connection is slow, it’s going to affect productivity. This is certainly the case if you’re taking calls over Skype or Teams and they keep dropping out. Or if you rely on using cloud computing for collaborative working and your bandwidth just isn’t up to the task you might not see the updates as they go live leading to confusion. Similarly, if your laptop or computer is old it just might hold you back. Invest in the right tools and equipment. Don’t let yourself down. 

Productivity is mainly about mindset, but as you can see there are other factors in play which can really hurt your productivity. If you can address the above points, your productivity, and indeed that of your teams, should take a boost.

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