How to Stay in the Game: Top Health Concerns a Business Owner Should Address

Business owners focus on gaining success day in and day out. Their ultimate goal in life is to take their businesses further. That means spending hours and hours researching ideas, formulating strategies, stressing over deadlines, and anticipating the outcomes. Working hard is vital for any business to grow but if that comes at a cost then entrepreneurs need to think twice before taking such a huge decision that can not only affect them but also their loved ones. They also need to remember that investing all their time and energy in their business can have adverse effects on their health and their relationships. We have highlighted a list of the top health concerns business owners face and how they should address them to stay in the game for the long run below.

Over Exercise

Interestingly, over-exercise can be a serious problem. A top hobby of many business owners is to play sports in the evening or weekend. Perhaps they like to focus on going for a run a few times a week or get a gym session in before work. While the health benefits of taking care of physical health are huge, overdoing it can be dangerous. They won’t be with it at work. A business owner may become overtired. More susceptible to illness and less productive. Try to toe the line between staying physically fit, and having enough energy left to deal with business. There are ways someone working out can mitigate the impact of these kinds of injuries. Whether you want to use a massage gun to help with after-work-out muscle pain, or by drawing up a proper workout plan which takes into account key recovery periods to ensure you have the energy to work throughout the day. Remember, everyone is different. You may be able to work out more than others, but others may be able to do it more than you. Try to ensure that you cater everything to yourself and how your own body reacts.

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The American Psychiatric Association defines depression as a serious illness that takes over the thoughts of a person and negatively affects the person. This leads to feelings of sadness and loss of interest in the things that interested one before. Entrepreneurs that spend all their time immersed in their businesses slowly lose touch with the world. Add to that the ups and downs of running a business, like facing loss in finances sometimes then such damaging feelings intensify. Depression is the root cause of all other major issues. It is known to lead the person towards feeling stress, anxiety, loneliness, etc.

It is important that entrepreneurs remember to take a breather as much as possible. They should always take out time for friends and family so that they don’t feel stuck and get lonely. Taking vacations is always a great option to get out of your headspace and stay in touch with the world.

Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep or other sleeping disorders like Insomnia is prevalent amongst businesspersons. The main reason for this is that they are constantly focused on generating profits and revenue from their businesses, and hence automatically there’s not a lot of time left for sleep. The recommended sleeping hours for a healthy lifestyle are 6 to 8. Entrepreneurs that work long hours on projects almost always neglect this and this, in turn, has long-term side effects on their physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation makes them prone to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Business owners need to set aside an appropriate slot for proper sleep every day. This will not only positively impact the growth of their businesses as they’ll be more aware and active when they wake up, but will also greatly affect their health. 

Stress and Anxiety

As previously mentioned, mental health problems reign supreme amongst business owners. A normal individual when is trying to meet a deadline can be trampled by stress and anxiety. The same holds true for businesspersons because they have to tackle pressure almost daily in their work-life to maintain perfectionism in their work. Keeping tabs on the number of clients and the number of sales can be exhausting for anyone. Resultantly, the mental health of business owners is taking a toll from all this. You will find various examples of famous and rich businesspersons who have taken their own lives after battling stress and depression for a long time. This goes to show that one’s mental health is just as important, if not more, as their physical health.

It is imperative that entrepreneurs take out the time to relax and get out of their mind so they don’t harm themselves. Planning ahead of time or even keeping a journal to write down their thoughts can help them tremendously. They’ll be able to pinpoint the problems they might be facing and then can take proper measures accordingly.

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Heart Problems

An unhealthy lifestyle that is controlled by depression and stress can trigger heart problems. Extreme stress can lead to higher blood pressure which can cause complications for the body. A lot of people manage stress by overeating and this can lead to the accumulation of unnecessary calories in the body that are left unburnt without any physical activity. This can bring about obesity, high blood pressure, fatigue and pains (to name a few) in various parts of the body and in severe circumstances can lead to a heart attack.

Entrepreneurs need to keep their health in check exactly the same way they keep their finances in check. They need to keep tabs on their dietary intake and make sure they are consuming healthy calories. They can hire professionals that manage their diet according to their body’s requirements if they want to avoid serious issues. They also need to take out time for physical activities. 


Business Owners can be addicted to their work and drugs at the same time. Displaying obsessive and compulsive behavior when it comes to their projects is second nature to many entrepreneurs. Fixating over the kind of profit they can achieve or should achieve is actually an addiction. The damaging outcome of this are feelings of guilt, and/or abuse of drugs, alcohol, etc.

To stay in touch with their surroundings and the outside world, entrepreneurs need to take out time for themselves from their busy schedule and spend it with their loved ones. This will not only distract them from their work but will also get rid of obsessive-compulsive negative thoughts. Removing any type of negativity will increase their likelihood of having a healthy life.

Eye sight issues

It is no surprise that Business Owners are also more prone to vision-related issues. Spending all of their days in front of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc. can impact their eyesight enormously. Add lack of sleep and improper rest to that and their eyes suffer even more because they are always under strain.

Entrepreneurs need to be reminded on and off that when they start compromising their health, they start compromising their business as well. They should take out time for their eyesight appointments and reduce their screen time as much as possible. They could start adapting habits like not touching their phones outside their workplace so that their eyes get some rest.

Headaches and Migraines

The Mayo Clinic defines Migraine as a headache that is usually located in one side of the brain and comes with a throbbing sensation. They can last from hours to days and the pain can sometimes be so severe that it can start interfering with your day-to-day life. Migraines are way more intense than tension headaches. Stress, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, poor diet, etc. are all known triggers for migraines.

Entrepreneurs need to take up specific measures like meditation to decrease their chances of a migraine or headache. They can start taking part in physical activities to stay healthy and fit and avoid spending all of their days in front of a screen. 

Entrepreneurs need to be told and reminded again and again that it is okay to ask for help. They should never have to burden themselves with their workload. This will not only reduce their stress but will also positively impact the growth of their business. Entrepreneurship sure sounds like a dream career because you are able to take charge of your life and do what you love doing best, however, it also comes with a huge price. It is essential that Business Owners address the aforementioned health concerns if they want to stay in the game and take it to the finish line

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