Businesses With Longevity: Evergreen Industries

When one is looking to start out in business, or looking to invest in a business, it can be pretty hard to work out which industry to aim for, let alone the exact business in each industry. Most of them try to go for businesses with the best outlook. Meaning the ones which will last the longest going forward. Businesses which are truly future proof can be pretty hard to nail down. No one knows what’s coming in the future. Just look at Covid 19 and what that did to many businesses around the globe. So what industries are truly evergreen? Here are some which should stand the test of time and last into the future.

The Engineering Industry

A true stalwart in life since forever. People will always need engineers, and on the same note, they’ll also need the huge amount of talented people involved with all facets of engineering. Buildings will always need to be built. Electronics will always need to be checked by an electrical engineer. Mechanical engineers design power-producing machines which are used in most business manufacturing industries across the globe. There will always be something in engineering for those who wish to start or invest. Whether you’re looking at the depths of electromagnetism or simply offering the industry the best pallet jack on the market. However, it can be pretty difficult to get into the industry from a business creation point of view if you haven’t got any past presence in the industry itself. It’s pretty complex, but if you can get in and make a good go of it you’ll find engineering is truly evergreen. Changing, morphing and evolving with the times, sure, but evergreen all the same.


Coding and all manner of it can certainly be considered evergreen. There’s nothing which is going to replace coding or coders anytime soon. Sure, there are muted mumbles of the possibility of AI writing code in the future, but to do that to technical perfection is still off…especially when designing new software right off the bat. The truth is that coding will likely become more popular going forward as AI comes to the fore. Imagine the coding involved in driverless technology for example. If you’re looking to start a business which is future proof, and have a knack for coding or have spotted a gap in the coding market, then this is a great direction for you to go in.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is certainly up there. It’s quite simply the way the world is going. Sure, the transition is slow and renewable might not be a unique fixture for decades. However, most western countries are setting dates to ban petrol and diesel cars, they’re also looking at ways for people to go green. This can be in the form of solar energy, or maybe wind or wave. There are so many facets of renewable energy to dive into. If you’re super clued up on the subject, then perhaps you can work as a consultant helping businesses make the transition. Or, perhaps you’ve got ideas regarding distribution. There are so many opportunities with renewable energy…the point being that it’s certainly going to be important well into the future.

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