15 Ways To Make Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online. The trick is finding something you’ll be good at. Something where your skills will naturally lend themselves to the task you’re setting out to complete. Don’t just run at it because you’ve seen someone else make a lot of money doing it online. Especially if you’ve gotten that information from a forum or post somewhere…because at the end of the day it simply might not be true. You also need to work out the time you have on your hands and whether it’s enough. If you’re trying to make money online and want to change it to your full time job once successful then you can warrant ploughing time into some of these ideas but if you’re doing it part time for a bit of extra income it’s best to find something which requires less time overall.

We’ve given each idea a mark which signifies the start up cost, which can help you make an easy judgement if you haven’t got much to get set up with. As time is such a big factor we have also rated each item by the amount of time you’ll have to put in to get your project off the ground.

Make Money Online Blogging

Time: 3/5 

Cost: 1/5 

There’s so much involved with blogging that it’s pretty hard to start. The simple truth is there are thousands of bloggers making an absolute killing…think five and even six figures a month off their blogging endeavours alone.

A blog is essentially a website full of articles, occupying a certain niche. So bizzbrilliance occupies the business niche and is all about helping people create great businesses and make money. You might choose to create a blog in the gaming niche or pet niche. Try to choose something you enjoy and will want to write about. 

It’s an incredibly brilliant way to make money on your own terms. All you need is to purchase a domain name and pick a host and you’re good to go. You can even start for free but we wouldn’t recommend it as a personalised domain name looks far more professional. How much can you make? In year one, after a few months of hard work and dedication to your blog you can make around $200 – $2000 a month. However, others have made seven figures extremely fast. Starting is pretty easy.

You just start writing. This is where the time suck comes into play. Yet, the thing is you can put as much time as you want towards it. Some publish every day, others do every week etc. You can even pay people to write an article or two for you to help things along.

But how do you actually make money? There are a few ways when running a blog. The first is through advertisements. The main advertising networks for blogs are:

  • AdSense
  • Ezoic 
  • AdThrive
  • Mediavine
  • Infolinks

There are other, more specialised ones out there too. Once you’ve got this set up, the ads will go live on your blog (either on the side, top or bottom for the main) and you’ll be paid per impression or click. Naturally, you need a lot of traffic to get this far but once you do you can make decent money. 

You can also make money from Affiliate Sales. This is where the product owner or company pay you if someone purchases their product after clicking through to their site from your own. Each affiliate pays a different amount and you’re best sticking with the ones in your own niche. You have to be careful though, don’t overpromote it or it won’t look natural.

In short…it’s easy to start as long as you’ve got the time and commitment so get set up and start writing.

Get planning and get blogging

Make Extra Dropshipping

Time: 2/5

Cost: 3/5

It’s made many millionaires over the last few years, though it’s become harder to launch faster. In short, dropshipping is the practice of setting up a store, finding a supplier, and selling the supplier’s product to those who visit your store. The difference between a usual ecommerce store is that you never see the product. It goes straight from the supplier to the end user. Low overheads. Once you’re all set up it runs itself. However, although once your set up the time requirement is low, it does require a lot of time at the outset, so the 2 out of 5 score is caveated.

The truth of the matter is that it’s made many people rich in a ridiculously short space of time. 

So how can you make money? In essence, you just follow these steps:

1.Source a great product from a supplier

2.Set up a store on Shopify or Woocommerce

3.Market the store and start making sales.

Sounds so simple when it’s put like that. In reality it’s pretty tough. Most niches are saturated at the moment as are advertising streams.

You can set yourself apart from the crowd in regards to dropshipping by:

  • ensuring your product is different, of a good quality and well researched.
  • Setting up a Shopify or Woocommerce that looks different…not one of the standard themes which clearly looks like a dropshipping store. They all look the same if you do this and people are learning to recognise them. 
  • Really thinking about your advertising campaigns and potentially sounding out places other than Facebook. It might be saturated, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make it work for you.

Although dropshipping has toughened up over the last few years it’s still a completely legitimate way to make money from home, you just have to be smart to beat the competition. 

For a more in depth look at dropshipping, you can read our guide on how to dropship the new way for a detailed assessment on what works in the modern age.

Go Freelance

Time: Varies

Cost: 1/5 

Freelancing has been around forever. In this day and age though, it gives you a pretty easy way to make money from home. The trick is having a skill to freelance with, and we’ll assume you have something to market. Writing is a key example. You can pick up a huge amount of writing work online. Whether you’re ghost writing a novel for someone or writing up a new blogpost for their website. You can also do product descriptions, sales copy, the list goes on. The time you put into freelancing is up to you entirely. The cost is low because it costs nothing unless you join a freelancing platform and then you only usually pay out of the money you earn.

You can acquire money on a freelance basis doing way more than just writing of course. Perhaps you can code, develop websites, translate, draw, design etc. If you’ve got a skill, you can market it online, fulfil the order and get paid all from your home. Some of the more popular freelance marketplaces are:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Toptal
  • Peopleperhour

There are others too, some specialising in certain areas of freelancing or with differing payment methods regarding making your money online.

You can also just create your own website and market yourself there but remember, you’ll have to do some SEO work to ensure you rank well enough. Freelancing is all about marketing yourself in a good way. If you can sell yourself in the niche you’re going for then there’s no doubt you can find work online.

Shake hands on your brilliant new freelance contract

Buy and Sell

Time: 2/5 

Cost 1/5

As easy as it comes. Buy something and sell it for more. That’s what trading is all about and what people have done for centuries. These days you can do it from home and make extra money online pretty easily.

You buy something from Aliexpress or Alibaba…somewhere cheap, then sell it for more on Ebay or a like for like marketplace. The trick here is being ahead of the curve. You need to ensure that others aren’t selling your product for more, or that people have cottoned on to what you’re doing. Buy the products when they’re new and keep moving on. You’ll also experiment with different tactics and marketplaces. It’s a simple enough way to do it, but certainly a way you can make a bit of extra cash online. You just have to get time scales right. Make sure you have the product before selling it on or postage might mess with your plans. 

Start Consulting

Time: 4/5

Cost: 2/5

If there’s something you can offer people then you can consult with them. You can do it online and make a great income. Perhaps you’re knowledgeable in the business sphere and want to consult with people starting up. Are you a HR Whizz who knows the ins and outs of employer law? You can consult. Offering advice as a consultant is a great way to make some money. All you need to do is set up a website, drive traffic to it and you’re good to go.

The issue comes around your qualification. Check others offering the same thing in your niche. Are you as qualified as them? If you aren’t, you know you’re going to miss out most of the time. Same for experience. However, you can beat them by going even further into a niche and offering consultation on a certain area…you can also lower your prices. Consulting can be done in video most of the time using a website like Zoom or Microsoft Teams software but you can just pick up a phone too. Fairly easy to get started and set up, you just need to have had the experience beforehand to really make it work.

Sell On Amazon (FBA)

Time: 3/5

Cost: 4/5 

Similar to dropshipping, you can sell your product on Amazon. They deal with pretty much everything. From taking delivery from the supplier, storage, and posting it out to the buyer. 

You just need to find the perfect product to sell. Then you need to rank it, maintain a good relationship with your buyers, and try to pull in as many reviews as you possibly can. It’s a tough game, especially at the beginning. However, you can pretty much end up on auto pilot if you get it right. THe branding is huge too. You have to create a brand which is appealing, and also one which can hold multiple products. Hopefully products which complement each other. You’ll make money for sure, but remember Amazon takes a cut via fees so your profit is thinned out a little.

A key benefit here is the ability to piggyback off a third party site. Probably the biggest site on the internet in reality. You don’t have to market yourself to Google because so many shoppers flock to Amazon every minute. How many? It works out as 18.5 orders a second. 1.6 million packages a day. They really do shift crazy amounts of stock.

You can make money online doing this for sure…just make sure you prepare properly, pick the perfect product, and get your branding right on point before you pull the trigger. For every successful Amazon business there is, there’s likely multiple failures.

Develop And Sell A Course

Time: 4/5 (initially)

Cost: 3/5 

Again, for this you need to put time into properly developing a course. You see them everywhere these days and unfortunately they’ve become synonymous with a quick cash grab. You’ll be fighting against the tide. There are so many ill thought out courses which tell people information they can get for free elsewhere. What you offer has to provide true value. There are some great courses out there. You have to ask yourself…what can you offer? It’s similar to consulting but you don’t have to do anything because your course will be pre recorded and ready to go.

It might be you want to offer an interactive course where you wait for a certain number of people to sign up and run them through it together so you can help directly. There are all kinds of courses you can offer. Language ones are popular, as are writing courses or editing. In short, you’re selling your proficiency.

There are some great course makers online…you need to ensure the materials are all of a good standard. Design the course so that it’s easy to use and navigate. You’ll probably have to hire a developer for this unless you want to use a theme/template course.

Sell What You’ve Created Online

Time: 5/5

Cost: 2/5

If you’ve got a crafty streak then you can monetise it by selling what you’ve made online. Usually, you can test what you’ve made in the local community. See if there’s a demand for it. To get ahead with this, make sure that whatever you create is solving a problem. If you get some good feedback from those who have used what you’ve made, sell it online.

Etsy is the go to place for these bespoke crafts created by individuals and you can further test out your product there. Pricing the product can be tough. Remember, you’ll need to cover Etsy fees, material costs and postage before you make a profit. If this goes well, you can even create your own website and sell your product from there. Selling what you’ve created is a brilliant way to make some money online but it might not necessarily make you rich. Good as a bit of side income unless you can figure out a way to get it made cheap and in greater quantity. There are a variety of things which you can create that sells money, here are a few ideas:

  • Paintings and Drawings
  • Pottery including bespoke designed mugs, plates and bowls
  • Tapestry
  • Picture frames
  • Vase

Remember, to make money online from selling your creations you need to ensure the creation is to a good standard. Perfect and hone your craft before just thinking of the money and launching a product you’re not too sure about or aren’t great at making. If you get this right, you’ll make some extra cash for sure.

Online Tutoring

Time: 4/5 

Cost: 1/5 

If you’re great at a certain subject, due to studying it in university or teaching it during your day job, you can make some extra money by tutoring people wanting to learn. Students are the obvious bet. Namely, students who are worried about passing. This can all be done online meaning you don’t have to leave your home. You don’t even have to tutor students. Maybe you can speak another language and want to teach people what you know. There are plenty of people who simply want to learn a new skill. You usually charge by the hour, and the fees usually range from $20 to $60 depending on the expertise you offer and how valuable your time is.

The only cost comes if you want to join a tutoring website…meaning you and your skills on offer will be advertised by a third party site, in return, you either pay a flat fee or a percentage of earnings. Otherwise you set up your own site and go it alone which comes with its own costs.

Although the costs for setting up are generally low, the time you need to input is quite high. It’s not like you’re setting up a course which can be completed and left to run on the website. You have to be an active participant in each and every lesson. With that said, depending on your level of knowledge, you can charge a decent rate and make some good money online. Some do this full time, others part time. It’s flexible and allows you to earn what you need. Once you’ve built a name for yourself you’ll find that you pick up pockets of students from the same area as word of mouth travels. 

Make Videos And Create A YouTube Channel

Time: 4/5 

Cost: 2/5 

You must have seen the huge amount of videos on sites like YouTube. They can be funny, informative, sad, and invoke all kinds of feelings to the multitude of viewers. Well, you can make money doing it. A lot of money, too. Sure, you won’t be making millions right away, but if you’re good at video editing and feel like you’ve got something epic to talk about or show, then there’s nothing stopping you doing it. All you need is a phone with a decent camera, a laptop for editing (you can do it on your phone these days) and a YouTube account.

The top earners make millions. You’ve probably heard of Ryan, the youngster who reviews toy? He made $22 million in 2018. The money really can become obscene.

Like gaming? Make some gaming videos. They can be instructional, humorous or based on retro gaming. Maybe you’ve taken a video of your friend doing something pretty funny…so long as they agree then upload it. You need to really start racking in the followers before you start to make money but if you’ve got a passion for what you’re filming it’s certainly an angle to take. Once you have multiple videos running hopefully your viewers will bounce from one to the other. Business is also a great niche to make videos in. There’s always people looking to start their own business or to make some extra cash.

Remember, don’t throw something together, exclaim “that’ll do,” and publish. Take your time. Get it right. Look at what’s been successful in your niche and go from there. It doesn’t cost much so long as you can edit it all yourself. You may want to spring for a graphic introduction or better equipment, but to get started it doesn’t cost much at all. However, getting it all right does take time. With that said, once the video is up there’s pretty much nothing left to do but watch the views pour in. For your first video, promotional work will probably be necessary.

Trade Stocks

Time: 5/5

Cost: 2/5 

Probably the hardest way to make money online, but if you get it right you can make a huge amount of money from home. Remember, most people who trade lose money. The simple reason they lose money is because they’ve been lured in by a broker or a story and thrown money at something without learning about it. Knowledge is key in the day trading world.

To clarify, day trading is a little different to buying and holding stock. If you buy and hold you’re undertaking a safer investment. Day trading is buying and selling the same day, or even a couple of days later and it’s slightly different to long term stock investment.

There are different contracts too. You might think the stock is going up or going down. The lingo can get confusing with puts, holds, shorts etc. but it’s just one of those things you need to take the time to learn. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad advice out there intended to lure you in. Watch out for the garbage courses. Instead, try to find someone who has made money in stocks for years and buy their book or watch their videos. This infagraphic has some useful stock facts:

It can take years before you’re proficient and even then nothing is ever set in stone. You’ll likely lose your first investment, so try using demo accounts first. With that said, nothing can prepare you like the real thing. 

There are other niches to try too, such as Forex trading or crypto trading, but each come with their own issues and volatility. When you learn how to use leverage properly you can really make some good money daily…but it’s the learning aspect which is important and not to be overstated. Jump in without knowing and you might get lucky once or twice, but you’re setting yourself up for a hard fall. The time taken to truly learn trading is a killer, but it might be shorter for those with a finance or economics background. 

Cost however isn’t. It depends on your broker but the likelihood is that you’ll pay per transaction you make, or you’ll pay a flat fee monthly, or a percentage commission. 

Sell The Clutter

Cost: 1/5 

Time: 1/5 

An easy way to make some money while at the same time, being not tenable in the long term. Sorting through the clutter and selling unused and old items can yield a healthy return while also freeling up some space at home. Just snap a picture, post it on Ebay or another selling platform and post it off. Job done. You might find it easier selling in person locally using classifieds or local meets. Sometimes people have certain collectible items or larger collections…in these cases you’d be better off going to the collectors directly.

If you’re trying to make passive income on a long term basis this isn’t the one for you. However, if you just want a cash injection to start one of the above money making opportunities this can be it. Just remember, it won’t last forever and you can’t just keep selling your possessions.

Answer Those Surveys

Cost: 0/5

Time: 4/5

Yeah, they still exist and they still work. One of the easiest ways of making money online is also one of the most mind numbing. Businesses want to know what you think and they’ll pay for the information. They can get this out of you when you answer any number of surveys. The pay can vary. The method of payment can change too. Sometimes you’ll have cash paid into your PayPal account and other times you’ll get vouchers. Your best bet is getting direct with the company in question, but a lot of people end up going with one of the many online survey companies.  Some of the more prominent are:

  • Swagbucks
  • Qmee
  • Toluna
  • Branded surveys

After some time you’ll learn the system and realise which ones you prefer over others. It’s a good way to make some money but the returns can sometimes be pretty low in relation to the time you’ve actually spent on the project. It’s good for a little bit of cash now and then, but in reality if you wanted to make money online fulltime or deep into the future you’d simply be better off getting stuck into one of the other money making options up above. 

Money, money, money

Sell Your Photos

Cost: Varies

Time: 3/5

If you’re a keen photographer you can sell your photos online. You would have seen some of the stock image sites online? They can buy your photos if they’re good enough. Be careful though as some pay per download, not a straight up flat fee. 

If you’re snapping on your phone, you can use a site like Foap where you can upload your photos and share the profit with Foap 50/50. It’s a bit cut but if you start selling photos often you can make decent money.

You can also post your photography on your own website, or in groups on Facebook or Instagram to gain a following and get some sales. The internet is always hungry for new photos…you’ve probably seen the same ones a few times as site owners raid sites like Pixabay for content. If you get your angle right, you can find a place for your photos.

The cost depends if you’re setting it out of your own site or not, whereas the time does depend on which kind of photos you take. The type that takes hours to get right, suitable for high end glossy magazines, or the kind you can just upload to Foap.

Publish An Ebook

Cost: 3/5

Time: 5/5

People say publishing an Ebook is easy. That’s because it is. Extremely easy. You just have to press publish and you’re done. Publishing is the easy part. Getting people to buy it is the hard bit. Most people use Amazon to publish as the Kindle is the most popular Ebook reader out there.

You can go for a non-fiction guide book. Imagine you’re an expert at trading stocks and want to share your success with others? You can put it all in an Ebook and publish away. These are generally easier to sell than fiction books. Fiction readers are extremely picky and you need to ensure the book is in top condition to get a following. The cost can be high if you do it properly because you’ll need to hire an editor and have multiple people read through the book, commonly known as beta readers. Fiction takes years to master and even then its subjective and hard to get right.

A lot of people use an Ebook as part of their sales funnel. So you’ll have your website which you’ve monetised along with your blog, and from there you’ll drive people to your Ebook. It works sometimes.

If you can whip up some fanfare around your ebook and develop some strong reviews out of the gate you might be able to gain some traction, but if you falter at first with poor reviews you won’t get far at all.

This is an option where the rewards can be huge if done right, but the effort to get it right is monumental. 

Good Luck

Making money online can be as hard as you make it. It’s all about a trade off in time. The key is in allocating your time to the right area and being super productive. Look at what people have done in the niche and how they’ve made their money. Observing success can help motivate you and give you further ideas. Pick one, you don’t need more. One way to make money online is enough if you do it properly. If you spread yourself too thin you might end up struggling and wasting start up money.

With that said, we wish you the best of luck in making money online. It can happen, you just have to have that all important determination.

Check our business analysis page for running analysis on the business world, our business tips page for our best pointers regarding running a business and our make money online page for the best tips to help you make extra cash. 

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