Accrue More Clients For Your Subscription Business

If you own, or if you’re planning a business which thrives off of client subscription, you’ll probably be wondering how you can gain more subscribers for your content. Whether you’re offering a magazine style subscription, or a subscription to screened content. To make the business work, you’ll need more subscribers. Each business in this field might go about offering services and pulling in clients in a different way, but it’s always worth exploring new streams and ways for retaining and gaining more over time.

We’ve explored the emergence of the subscription box in a previous article, but here we look at subscription aspects which aren’t physical deliveries, and also how businesses go about leveling up, and bringing in more subscribers.

Your Content Drives More Subscriptions

Quality will always come first. If you offer good content, people will be happy staying subscribed, and the reviews and word of mouth which gets around will be good. This applies to all content. Imagine you run a website offering short stories (whether written by yourself or others). So long as the short stories are of a certain quality and you’re getting good feedback, you’ll pull in more and keep those you have.

The word feedback is quite important in any work or business situation. However, in this case it’s paramount because if subscribers start mentioning they’re unhappy, you’d better do something about it. Act on feedback and you’ll do well.

Be dynamic in what you offer. Change things up to pull in new clients and customers, but try to keep a semblance of consistency to keep those already subscribed happy. A great way to do this is by checking up on what the market leaders, and those hot on their tails, are doing. If you can zone in on them and see what they’re doing well, you can emulate them. Not copy, emulate. You can copy their publication schedule, or their method of customer interaction, but keep your main offering unique.

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Dangle Something Tangible

For a long time one of the main methods of pulling in new clients is by tangling something nice in front of them to entice them into subscribing. It does work, but you have to put a bit more effort into it these days. For example, you can see those with OnlyFans accounts offering free onlyfans pictures or content which entices the viewer to subscribe. The issue is that the offerings of subscription companies tend to be hit and miss. So, to really capitalise on this, you need to ensure that you offer something tangible. Take the short story example again. Instead of offering half of a story and then cutting it off, thus trying to entice them to subscribe to read the rest, instead offer a full short story. This way, they can read the whole thing, enjoy it, and decide to subscribe.

Always offer something tangible and you’ll get a far better response than if you offer something in a half hearted way. It becomes transparent and obvious you’re just trying to dangle the carrot. Offer the whole part of something and it’ll be appreciated. 

Target The Right Demographic

If you’re a magazine offering insights into new accounting software, you’re not going to advertise your magazine to teens, or to people who don’t work in accounting. You need to target the right people. There are multiple ways to do this. For a start, you can focus on some of the main voices in the industry and ask them for shout outs. You either pay them, or give them free subscriptions and wait for the reviews to flow in. If people see the important voices of their industry shouting out about what you do, you’re going to get exposure. Be careful in targeting the right demographic. Also, think about your demographic and how you can pivot to a new one. With a bit of thought, you’d be surprised how what you offer can be used by different ages, gendres, or sub groups. Start brainstorming and get your offering under the right noses.

Utilise Those Discounts

Initial discounts can be really powerful. However, a lot of businesses get this wrong. A good discount for subscribed content should offer:

  • A tangible discount: at least 30%
  • Brilliant content to show them what they’d get if they stick around and pay full price
  • Consistent offerings…so that the subscriber knows they can expect more going forwards
  • An easy to use and clean interface on your website

If you do the above, your discounts will go a long way because in essence they’re meaningful and show you care. In short, they’re not just a gimmick to drag people into your subscription environment.

Once they’re into your ecosystem, you can offer even more. One of the best things you can do is offer monthly (standard) or annual subscriptions. It’s not unheard of to offer up to 50% off for the annual subscription. It’s because you’re pulling them in for a long time and making some decent money off of it. Offering it will be appreciated by your following and those who really love what you do will enjoy the opportunity to just pay for it once and be done with it. You could even offer six monthly if you wanted. 

A Clearly Defined Payment Method

It might be that you prefer PayPal, or you might follow your competitors in how you approach payment. Be consistent. Don’t take payment on one day one month, and then another day the next. If you’re consistent you can be sure you won’t annoy the client.

Offer multiple methods too. Some might like to pay directly from their bank…some will use Visa, others Mastercard while a lot of people these days will be looking at cryptocurrency. If you don’t offer anything mainstream you might end up alienating a chunk of people who would have otherwise come to your business and subscribed.

In Conclusion

Remember, it’s all about appearing as attractive as possible, while also ensuring what you offer is on point and brilliant. If you fail in one of these you’ll be pulling in less clients than you actually could have been. If you excel in advertisement but fail in content, people are going to be angry and feel like you’ve given false promises. While if you offer stellar content (whether a magazine, OnlyFans pics, or software) but don’t advertise it well, no one will know about it.

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