How To Build Your Business Premises From The Ground Up

Maybe you want to start off on the right foot and build everything to your exact specifications. Perhaps you’ve become pretty successful since launch and have realised that in order to grow, you need to work from somewhere to your exact specifications. It can be done, but its a complex process in which you need to manage multiple facets (if you’re managing it on your own). It’ll be linked to its own job, so if you’re running your business at the same time it can become a little overwhelming.

Get Plans Drawn Up

First, you need to get plans drawn up. This is where you meet with an architect or surveyor and outline exactly what you need. If you’re building an office, you outline the break area, office space, fixtures and fittings etc. If it’s a restaurant, you explain layout, kitchen location…you get the idea. They’ll likely give you suggestions which you should try to follow too. Take the area into account, the space available etc. and restrictions laid down by your local authority.

Once you’ve got the plans, you can approach the local authority with them to get planning permission signed off. Once that’s done, construction can begin in earnest. 

Find Somewhere Temporary To Work From

If you’re building your own business and are already in business, then you’ll need somewhere temporary to work out of. If you’re a restaurant, and the old building is getting demolished, you could set up in a popup for the short term. If you need an office, there will be plenty to rent short term or indeed, ask your staff to work from home. Remember, according to Stanford around 42% of Americans are now working from home, it’s completely doable. It’s important to get temporary work space sorted out before you actually start building your new premises.

Think About Parking

You’ll need parking no matter what kind of business you operate. Employees will need to be able to drive to their workplace. Whether you use shared parking with another business, or plan in your own plot of land for parking. Getting security for your lot is important too. It might be you use a smart gate so that only your employees can get on site or sign up to a security awareness scheme with your local community. A gate entry system which provides access to and from your business allows your employees to be more productive while feeling secure. Keeping them all on the same network utilising smart tech is a surefire way to simpler living. 

There are, unfortunately, certain problems with parking in general you might have to consider:

  • Parking spaces take up a chunk of space. Space costs money. You might not have the space to play with depending on your premises or building plans.
  • You’ll have to, at some point, cater for electric cars. This means a charge point for the cars in general to use while they’re parked.
  • There may end up being disagreements if there aren’t enough spaces for everyone.

If there are too many issues, it might just be that you suggest your workforce use public transport. However, there are a few pro’s in certain situations:

  • Your staff will appreciate the fact you’ve thought about them and provided spaces for ease.
  • If you have any extra spaces you can rent them out to other businesses or, if you’re in a city centre location, the general public.

Either way, it requires a lot of thought before going ahead. 

Don’t Forget To Focus On Employee And Customer Comfort

It should come before general aesthetic in all categories. People need to feel comfortable when they’re working, and when they’re shopping/eating/talking etc. If you can nail comfort, you’ll be on your way to a happy workforce, and if they’re present on site, happier customers. By building a work premises from the ground up you can ensure this is the case. 

Remember, comfort comes in a couple of different forms. You want them to have a roomy place to work etc., but you also need to make sure that they aren’t too hot or cold. The right insulation makes a big difference. If you can insulate your building in the right way you’ll also save money on heating costs. There are a lot of different kinds of insulation at the moment such as using closed cell spray foam insulation techniques, cavity wall, loft, etc. So make sure you set out some time to get it right. 

If you’re thinking about energy and comfort, make sure you get triple glazed windows. At the same time you should build in an employee communal area. This is somewhere to store their belongings, relax on break and get some food.This is even more important if you’re in an out of city location without access to food retail nearby. 

Don’t Overdo It

The temptation is always to build bigger, so you have room to grow into as your business flourishes. While this is a sound plan, you don’t want to go too far because you may be wasting money on building rooms or areas you’ll never fill. Take a restaurant for example. You don’t want to build too much too fast, or you’ll have a large area of tables and chairs that will never be filled, and will just have to be cleaned by your staff. Take a look at some of the popular restaurants in your area and consider copying their layout in terms of seating, or just using it as a guide for your own. 

Find A Great Contractor

You might be hiring multiple contractors if you’re managing the process yourself, or it might go through one person. Either way, you need a good contractor. Find ones in the local area who have undertaken similar work, and check out the buildings. Are the occupants happy with them? Check online reviews and make sure you get references, check all of their qualifications too. Make sure they’re covered with the right insurance. Finding the right contractor to do the job is really important and can make all of the differenc . 

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