Setting Up A Business In The Adult Industry: Is It Still Worth It?

With the myriad of laws and regulations concerning the adult industry, which of course differ depending on which state or country you live in, it can be pretty difficult to get started with a business. However, as so many founders have discovered, opening a business in the adult niche is still quite profitable if done right. Just look at OnlyFans and their huge success. The industry isn’t the same as it used to be. There are primarily three types of adult business in this day and age:

  • Online
  • Brick and Mortar
  • Hybrid (both)

What’s Defined Adult

It’s become pretty hybrid recently. Take OnlyFans for example. It’s quite popular with adult oriented entertainers and individuals, but in reality, anyone can set up an onlyfans account, and recently decided to end adult content before backtracking. Tumblr is another example. For a long time it held both adult and non-adult content, before banning adult content altogether. Setting up an adult business can be difficult due to the changeable nature of the industry. Especially when you’re thinking of setting up a hybrid business which teeters between being adult and not adult.

Also, there are businesses who have set up catering to wider adult led endeavours. Again, using OnlyFans as an example, many businesses have set up OnlyFans management services or look to provide help to both models and those using the platform. It’s a form of social media management that has become popular on platforms like Instagram. Are these side businesses counted as adult? Usually people wouldn’t think so. It’s like calling an accountancy firm for an adult toy shop adult too. Defining a business as adult can be harder than you think but if you’re looking to set up an adult 

Is It All Online?

A lot of it is online, while some of it is off. Also, there’s some which occupy both areas known as hybrids. An example of a hybrid would be an adult toy store, one which sells its items both online, and in a physical store. It’s pretty much run in the same way as Nike, or other ecommerce brands but is definitely considered as adult. Clothing brands aren’t often considered hybrid because most who sell lingerie also sell normal clothes, although those which sell only lingerie might be. It’s a strange concept but it highlights the fluidity between the areas. 

Adult businesses aren’t always online. They can exist in a corporate form while still being physical premises. Think about chains of strip clubs, or again like the aforementioned toys. Although there’s a leaning towards the online aspect of adult entertainment because of the privacy it offers, it still exists. Look at magazines. A lot went out of print with the advent of the internet, but magazines like Playboy etc. still exist and still have a readership meaning they still make sales often. A lot of adult based businesses are online, but there still exists the ability to be successful in the physical space. 

What About Local Industry

The adult industry, indeed in these days, is often associated with online elements. More local, physical businesses have ceased to exist. However, they still do if you look hard enough meaning it is certainly still profitable. Take an example of Virginia, or Virginia Beach. Looking at a smaller area isn’t always indicative of the whole picture, but it’s certainly informative as it shows how the adult industry in its brick and mortar presence can thrive in populated areas. Starting with the obvious, strip clubs are pretty popular forms of adult entertainment and Virginia Beach strippers are usually at the top of the list. Frequented on a night out, part of fun entertainment or as part of a bachelor party, this type of business still thrives. 

You can still get adult movie theatres and the like in some areas, but they’ve quickly died out. Again, there are adult toy shops in Virginia Beach, such as the LoveShack. The local adult entertainment industry is usually catered towards the evening or night, however when it comes to the ecommerce variant they’re usually open in the day too. 

Is It Worth It?

It’s all about finding the right niche in your adult industry segment, deciding whether to build into the online area or keeping it local and edging into the brick and mortar business area. Sex sells, it’s a saying which is overused, but overused for a reason. The explicit adult industry alone generated $12billion of revenue a year, and it’s growing year on year. If you can carve out a place by approaching it in the right way, it’s certainly still worth it. You just have to face the taboo involved and beat the stigma. Do that right and you’re onto a winner. 

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